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LeafBridge is your technology partner for enterprise-level e-commerce. Our Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin can turn any WordPress website into a fully customizable e-commerce store in seconds, and our team will support you every step of the way.

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Seamless Integration ↗

We’ll install our Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin, help set you up with Dutchie Plus API keys, and your e-commerce dispensary will be ready to roll.

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SEO Focus ↗

Get SEO-friendly product pages, category pages, and store pages to help you rank for your keywords and convert more traffic into customers from day one.

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We’ll install and configure everything for you. LeafBridge is ready to rock, right out of the box, but if you need to customize the menus, we’ll handle that for you too.

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Simply install the LeafBridge Dutchie Plus plugin to your WordPress site and enter your Dutchie Plus API key. Our system will handle the rest, and deliver you a full e-commerce solution that’s primed for SEO and matched to your brand. We’ll even set it all up for you, free of charge.

LeafBridge allows you to sync your Dutchie configuration directly with your WordPress website, giving your customers a seamless experience and delivering a solution that’s optimized for search traffic, local listings, marketing and conversion data. We’ll deliver a fully customizable e-commerce experience, no developer required.



We’ll install the LeafBridge Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin to any WordPress website.


Enter your Dutchie Plus API keys to verify and activate the syncing process in seconds. We can help you get these keys and configure them for you.


Your Dutchie inventory and retailer settings are pulled through to your website for a seamless e-commerce experience. If you need custom styling, we’ll handle that for you too.

We’ve got you covered

OUR DUTCHIE PLUS WORDPRESS PLUGIN Concierge Service makes setup a breeze.

Need help configuring your site? We can help with that. Not using WordPress? We can help with that too, with our range of optimized website templates or custom design services. Need tech support? No problem, our team is available whenever you need us. Once you sign up, we’ll send you full instructions to get you set up in record time – and if you don’t have in-house web development, we can handle that for you too.

Or, book a demo call with us and we’ll walk you through it in person.
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Nick Stephenson CEO - LeafBridge Dutchie Plus WordPress Plugin

“Our LeafBridge Dutchie Plus WordPress plugin means you can transition your dispensary to an enterprise-level e-commerce solution with Dutchie Plus in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is install the plugin, enter your API keys, and our system takes care of the rest. So instead of spending months developing a custom solution with expensive developers, you can be up and running in record time – and if you need help, we offer custom integration and set-up services tailored to you, and unlimited tech support. Get started for free today and see what LeafBridge can do for your dispensary.”