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What’s heading your way with LeafBridge?

Please remember as you read through this roadmap, priorities and dates may shift as situations change. Should that happen, we’ll do our best to make those changes clear here. Where we are able to include an expected release date, we’ve included this – but please be aware these dates might shift.

Coming SOON

LeafBridge is currently in Private Beta. If you’d like to find out more information and see a walkthrough of the features, please shoot us an email right here.

October 2022
  • Exclude LeafBridge operations from site-cache configuration. Allows for site speed increases using software or server caching without affecting dynamic e-commerce content.
November 2022
  • Additional filtering options for weight, strain, potency, brand, effect, staff picks, specials.
  • Ability to link to specific filtering options or combinations of filtering options using URL queries anywhere on the site.
  • Ability to default to specific retail location, menu-type, and delivery / pickup without user interaction.
  • Additional product sorting options by price high / low and potency high / low.
December 2022
  • Ability for users to set location, menu-type, and delivery / pickup options via menu link, URL, button, or modal.
  • Navigation breadcrumbs for improved user experience
  • Add list view for store pages and default to this view for mobile.
  • Customer warnings when daily purchase limits exceeded (currently, checkout is prohibited when limits exceeded but does not display a warning).
  • Options for site owners to configure Cart and Clear Cart buttons as static or floating buttons.
  • Product tagging, synced with dispensary POS.
  • Improvements for use with theme-builder software (currently implemented via CSS).
  • Enhanced store search capability
  • Site Owner Portal for easy management of LeafBridge licenses
  • Pre-Made site templates

Already Shipped

  • Dispensaries can now “go live” with fully functioning e-commerce solution for Dutchie Plus and take live orders.
  • Automatic store set-up and product / category import after successful API key input.
  • Ability for users to select and change store location, menu-type, and delivery / pickup options.
  • Real-time sync with Dutchie for stock availability, product details, daily purchase limits, and menu-type compatibility on each page load (only display options compatible with store location and menu-type).
  • Automatic Dutchie Plus checkout integration following successful CNAME record for CloudFlare.
  • Ability for site owners to display full store, featured products, and categories using shortcode on any page.
  • Transparent styling to match global site styles.
  • Individual product and category pages for enhanced SEO, with real-time sync to Dutchie.
  • Full cart and checkout functionality, including real-time sync with daily purchase limits (set in Dutchie).
  • Done-for-you setup and staging site service
  • Ability for stores to go live and take + fulfill live orders on all menu types and delivery / pickup options.