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Here’s how LeafBridge makes cannabis e-commerce a breeze.


Dutchie Plus is an enterprise-level e-commerce solution for cannabis dispensaries that gives you all the features and integrations you need to run a successful weed business online.

With LeafBridge your site will get full access to the power of the Dutchie Plus infrastructure without the need for custom development – just install our Dutchie Plus plugin for WordPress and you’ll be up and running in minutes. No need for expensive developers; we’ve done all the work for you.

“LeafBridge WITH Dutchie Plus gives you a true headless e-commerce solution for your cannabis site that’s more accessible than ever. Instead of spending months with expensive developers, you can be up and running in minutes – and start leveraging the control, customization, and seo benefits that a fully integrated e-commerce store can provide.”

Nick Stephenson, LeafBridge CEO.

person holding grey tongs and kush
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Your fonts, your colors, your user experience, your brand. No limitations, only possibilities. You know what works best for your customer base, so we’ve designed LeafBridge to seamlessly integrate with your online shopping experience to deliver an enterprise-class tech solution that gets to work in minutes.

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LeafBridge syncs with Dutchie Plus and the rest of your tech-stack in realtime, so as your inventory and products change, your site will update automatically within seconds.


Never take orders you can’t fulfill. Purchase limits, delivery restrictions, and taxes are all taken care of. Leaving you free to focus on the fun stuff.


LeafBridge will automatically inherit the design features of your site, so you can use our tech with any WordPress theme or custom design you like.


Because sometimes TL;DR 😎

ENHANCED SEO CAPABILITIESWith LeafBridge and Dutchie Plus your products, collections, and store info lives on your website – unlike an iFrame solution – so you get full search-engine indexing and enhanced SEO to keep you ahead of the competition.
TRANSPARENT STYLINGLeafBridge inherits the fonts, colors, and design of your site automatically. You control the look, the feel, and the brand.
WORKS WITH ANY WORDPRESS SITELeafBridge works with any website, so no matter what theme or design you’re using, LeafBridge will make things easy for you out of the box.
REALTIME SYNCPull your entire Dutchie inventory and configuration through to your website in seconds. Simply enter your Dutchie Plus API keys and our system will do the rest, keeping your entire tech stack fully synced with your site at all times.
NO TECH EXPERIENCE REQUIREDWe’ve made LeafBridge easy to self-install, but if you need us to set it all up for you, we’re here to help. Plus you get unlimited tech support as standard, so you can rest easy.
UNLIMITED FREE TRIALWe know you’ll want to test things out before going live, so we don’t put any time limits on your free trial. Play around to your heart’s content and only upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready.
CUSTOM USER EXPERIENCEAllow shoppers to browse by category, sub-category, effect, potency, strain, and special offers – create custom links to your own curated collections to share on and off your site, and set your own preferred retail locations and menu types, all optimized for customer conversion and user experience.
YOUR OWN TEAM OF EXPERTSWhen you sign up for LeafBridge, you’ll get access to our expert team of design and tech experts, plus a dedicated Customer Success manager from Dutchie. We’ll help you every step of the way.
TURBOCHARGE YOUR CONVERSION DATAInstead of bouncing customers around different subdomains, LeafBridge allows you to use one domain for all your retail locations and still reap the SEO benefits that a headless e-commerce solution brings. Every step of the customer journey happens on your site, so you can track conversion data from start to finish and optimize as needed.
NO DUTCHIE API SET-UP FEESWhen you use LeafBridge, Dutchie will waive their usual API set-up fee, which could save you up to $5,000.